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The world of edible flowers .

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Farm-to-culinary professionals

Edible flowers are grown without any use of pesticides and are safe to eat.
They add colors as well as various tastes such as sweetness, tartness and bitterness.
IZUMIYAMASAKI grow and sell a wide variety of high quality edible flowers for professional culinary use.

Our vision

We aim for a world where people and bees can live together.

Do you know that more than half of the crop pollination relies on bees?
Those honeybees are continuing to decrease by 37.8% every year.

We believe we can make choices to leave the future in which bees can live to the next generation.

Our products

At IZUMIYAMASAKI, we pride ourselves in the brilliant colors of our dried edible flowers.
During the drying process, flowers lose some of their vibrance and shrink in size.
However at IZUMIYAMASAKI, we maintain their luster and structure by carefully managing the process from picking, heating, pressing to drying. Additionally, our products are vacuum-sealed to maintain its shape and quality during processing.